Friday, May 22, 2009

Projects Past - Part 2

This table is from my brother's high school graduation last year. It's not a very close picture, but you can sort of see the cakes. My sisters and I made those with my grandmother. They were a hit.

This is my first attempt at a diaper cake. I made this as the centerpiece at my cousin's baby shower/ open house.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Projects Past - Part 1

Since this is going to be a blog about my adventures in the world of crafts, I want to show off some of the things that I've made in the past. I will most likely do this in spurts since most of the things I have made have been given to other people. Whenever I can get around those things and take pictures I will try to add them to "Projects Past".
Thie picture above is my Halloween costume from a few years ago. I decided that I wanted to be Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show, so I went to work trying to find pieces to the outfit. I purchased the shirt dress and the wig. I made the "hat" and the apron and I wore boots that I already had. I think it looks pretty good for a costume that cost less than $50. The costume next to me is homemade as well, but you don't want to know what it actually is...

The picture able is of my first attempt at writing in frosting. I had a little bit of trouble with the early part of "Congratulations", but I finally got the hang of it. It isn't the most beautiful cake ever, but my boss loved it at her retirement party. I plan on practicing a lot before the next time I try to do something like this.

This is a quilt that I made for my little sister for her High School graduation. (Or at least that was the plan...) I finally got it to her at the beginning of her junior year of college, but I did get it finished. Since she had so many t-shirts I decided not to use any sashing and just sew the blocks together. This is only the second quilt that I have made, so I don't think it looks too bad.

I made this cake with my mom at Easter time. The little lamb never quite got a face or the rest of his coconut fur. He was eaten before that could happen. Overall, I was just happy that the ears and the head stayed on.
This post just gives an overview of some of the things I have done and hopefully I will be able to share a little more soon.

My latest obsession

Since I have actually finished my Master's project (finally!) I have had a little more time to be creative. One of my co-workers introduced me to a blog,, and she was making the cutest things. I decided that I wanted to make my own version of her creations. Since graduation was right around the corner, I decided to run with that theme. I took a couple of the ideas she gave on the blog and made them in to these...

I think that they turned out pretty well for a first attempt. I gave them to the other History grads and they seemed to think they were cute. I tried out a few of the more deformed ones on my RAs and the taste got good reviews, too. All in all, I think the first try was a success. Hopefully my skills will be come more refined with a little more practice.

Be sure to check out to see all of the cute ideas that she has. They're adorable!